How it works

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Learning from known behaviors

We’re different: We don’t find fraud by focusing on the fraudsters. We find it by really getting to know the habits and behavior of a bank’s customers and staff so we can stop financial transactions that are out of character. All fraudulent transactions are out-of-character transactions in some way or another.

While fraudsters constantly change their behavior to avoid detection, real customers form habits. By learning these habits and building up customer and staff profiles we can quickly spot suspicious activity. And stop it.

Smarter AI

A bank will see many card frauds every year (which tend to be lots of small amounts) but very few payment frauds (which tend to be rare but large in size). So while the standard machine learning approach works very well on card fraud (balanced datasets) it is not appropriate when it comes to stopping payment fraud (completely unbalanced datasets). This is where the proprietary managed learning approach from NetGuardians comes into play…

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User experience

  • NG|Screener – Dashboard eBanking

  • NG|CaseManager – Hit details

  • Interface that can show an overview or hone in on specific details
  • Dashboard that helps users complete investigations efficiently
  • Designed for payment teams and fraud investigators
  • Explainable AI using smart widgets
  • Powerful workflow allowing an easy integration with banks’ processes

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