Retail banking

Smart, effective, real-time fraud prevention for retail banks.

Retail banks face rising costs, increased competition and an ever-more serious fraud landscape. They are also under pressure to enter new markets and extend products and services such as open banking and instant payments without adding risk. In addition, they face costly regulatory compliance and need to meet international standards.

NetGuardians’ comprehensive fraud-prevention software was designed specifically for banks, overcoming their particular challenges when it comes to beating payment fraud. Its proven efficiency means it is relied on by leading retail banks worldwide to protect their customers and their reputations.


Our comprehensive, automated software is pre-integrated with the major core banking systems and delivers market-beating paybacks. The average bank expects software to pay for itself within 22 months. Banks using NetGuardians see payback three times faster – on average 8 months.

Compliance without compromise

PSD2, SWIFT CSP and anti-money-laundering transaction monitoring are all covered by one solution that also supports the latest international market standards such as Instant Payments ISO 20022. Our solution also allows banks to enter new markets and extend products and services, such as offering fast/instant payments and open banking, without adding risk.

Safeguard customer trust

Cutting-edge artificial intelligence using a data-centric approach spots even new fraud types, explaining exactly the nature of an anomaly. This creates a continuous feedback loop to help with fine-tuning, making the models even more accurate, thus cutting false alerts and unnecessary customer call backs and stopping more fraud. Our software keeps risk under control and avoids exposure to fines and fraud losses to build and maintain trust and protect your reputation.

Full financial crime suite

Our platform can be used across the organization to prevent internal fraud, external fraud and monitor transactions for AML purposes. We connect silos so the bank can unify customer insights, transactions, and processes, making investigations faster, more efficient and cutting risk.

Find out for how fast you could be reaping the rewards.

Recent caught frauds

NetGuardians stops more fraud

Efficiency runs through NetGuardians’ fraud-prevention software. By learning and analyzing the behavior of each and every customer in real time, it correctly identifies anomalous transactions associated with each account, dramatically increasing the fraud-detection rate without adding friction.

We are already part of the global financial ecosystem, embedded into the banking platforms of major vendors including Finastra, Avaloq, Finacle and Mambu and is available on premise and in the cloud. As a result, it can be installed easily and quickly with minimal impact on the existing processes of any bank and the experience of its customers.

How it works

Some users reviews

With NetGuardians as our fraud-prevention partner we know we are giving our customers the best possible protection and a great service. More attempts at defrauding them will be spotted and stopped, and our customers won’t be contacted unnecessarily over authentic payments. Read more

Romano Ramanti, Ethical Hacker at Zurich Cantonal Bank (ZKB)


Everything we do is for our customers. By working with NetGuardians we will be able to give them the best protection against fraudsters and improve our service to them. The accuracy of the software means we will only contact them when a transaction is highly likely to be fraud. This has two benefits – we will stop more fraud and contact our customers less often. It’s a win-win. Read more

Christoph Schaer, Chief Operating Officer at BLKB

Why NetGuardians?

Accurate fraud protection used by leading retail banks worldwide

Comprehensive, ready-to-go financial crime suite that prevents internal and external fraud in real time and monitors transactions for AML purposes

Tailored support for retail banks including up-to-date market trends and challenges, peer group analytics and models, guidance on optimal sizing of investigation teams and help defining KPIs and threat thresholds

NetGuardians software protects more than $7 trillion assets under management worldwide and is a Global Leader in the Aite’s 2021 Fraud and AML Machine Learning Platforms Report.
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NetGuardians community

Collective AI/peer-group comparisons across the global NetGuardians client community makes the software even more efficient – by between 20 and 30 percent.

Used by leading retail banks worldwide including UOB Singapore and BLKB NetGuardians provides state-of-the-art fraud prevention to combat financial fraud.


Success stories


Payment fraud

Instantly and accurately block fraudulent transactions resulting from account takeover and social engineering scams.

Internal fraud

Prevent internal banking fraud due to internal and external collusion, controls bypass and more.

AML transaction monitoring

Identify potentially suspicious transactions and risky customer behaviour while intelligently lowering false positive rates.

  • APP scams
  • Account takeover
  • CEO fraud
  • Malware and e-banking hijacks
  • Privileged account abuse
  • Collusion
  • 4-eyes breach
  • Invoice fraud
  • High risk transactional behaviour
  • Mule activity
  • Client scoring
  • SAR automation

Two deployment options

On premise

Flexibility to manage and customize NetGuardians’ solution in-house.


Enjoy the benefits of NetGuardians’ fraud prevention solution without internal overhead.

Discover how retail banks worldwide achieve 75% reduction in operational losses while analyzing more transactions in real-time.