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The NG|Club

When you install NetGuardians’ platform you become part of the NG|Club, a highly knowledgeable global community working together on the frontline in the fight against fraud.

Collaboration and knowledge-sharing is encouraged between users across companies, between companies, and at community level, because we all win by staying one step ahead of the fraudsters.

The NG|Club is of our users for our users. If you have any suggestions or information you would like to share, please contact us.

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Free enrollment and immediate benefits

All members can also draw on the deep and broad knowledge base users have accrued on how best to spot and prevent fraudulent activity.

Access to an immense controls network

The controls update service means all members have access to the new effective controls as they are developed and released by us and our users.

Social events

Our regular social events help foster trusted relationships, which in turn help quickly build widespread awareness of any new fraudulent practices, closing the window of opportunity for the fraudsters.

Join our LinkedIn group: Risk and anti-fraud best practices

Risk & Anti-Fraud Best Practices brings the latest around risk assurance. These include emerging fraud patterns, legislation/regulatory changes, and technologies to mitigate risk and fraud. It is a platform where professionals can learn from each other and share knowledge.

Join the discussion with industry experts!

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The NG|Academy

NetGuardians provides a full suite of training collateral for our software users via the NG|Academy. From training on solution delivery to on-boarding projects and bedding them down, we want to ensure that you get the best out of our easy-to-use enterprise risk platform right from start.

Our experienced teams work with clients and their partners and provide generic training or tailor-made programs to suit specific needs.

The NG|Academy is just one part of the powerful community we have built that helps our users beat fraud and meet compliance.

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