NetGuardians’ SaaS Offering for Real-Time Financial Fraud Detection and Prevention

Award-winning AI-based financial fraud detection and prevention solution is now available as a secure and efficient SaaS offering on Google Cloud.

Fraud is adding to costs and threatening your reputation as it continues to grow worldwide.

You need the best protection for yourself and your customers fast – without hitting margins or adding friction.

NetGuardians’ award-winning 3D AI software as a service offers the rapid deployment of best-in-class, real-time payment fraud prevention. Hosted on Google Cloud, a leading cloud service provider, all the application management is performed by NetGuardians, guaranteeing high-quality services while minimizing overheads and ensuring data security.

Benefits of Hosting AI Fraud Prevention Software in the Cloud

24/7 Support and Managed Application

NetGuardians’ expert team provides round-the-clock assistance and managed application services, empowering you to concentrate on your core objectives.

Cost Efficiency

Cloud deployment means no investment in hardware or additional staff as well as a quick and lean onboarding.

Fast Return on Investment

Rapidly realize the advantages of our innovative solution, bolstering your fraud prevention efforts. Stop fraud from day one.

Consistent Performance

Our dedicated team guarantees sustained availability and best-in-class fraud prevention.

Secure by Design

Our offering follows ISO 27001 standards and includes technological, organizational and people controls, assuring the highest levels of security.

Secure Cloud Infrastructure

Leading cloud provider certified to global standards ensures the best security for your cloud-based assets.

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NetGuardians Launches Innovative SaaS Offering for Financial Fraud Prevention on Google Cloud
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“Partners like NetGuardians use Google Cloud to provide customers with technology to accelerate digital transformation,” said Roi Tavor, Managing Director of Switzerland & Austria, Google Cloud. “We’re pleased that NetGuardians has expanded its work with us to bring customers new capabilities that help them solve critical business challenges.”

Thierry Divenot, Chief Revenue Officer of NetGuardians said: “Through our cutting-edge SaaS solution hosted on the Google Cloud, we’re not just delivering top-tier fraud detection & prevention capabilities; we’re also guaranteeing that our clients can harness the benefits of a cloud-driven solution that’s streamlined, fortified, and perfectly aligned with their requirements.”

Embrace Cloud Momentum with NetGuardians

Are you ready to embrace the future of fraud prevention? As cloud adoption sweeps through the financial sector, NetGuardians remains your partner of choice.

Fortify your financial institution against threats and swiftly discover the unbeatable power of our award-winning fraud prevention software.

Contact us now to learn how you can beat fraud with our SaaS offering.