Community Scoring and Intelligence

Data and insights orchestrated for you to create actionable intelligence.
Put this at the fingertips of your risk and compliance teams and feed automated risk scoring systems.


Capture insight and actionable intelligence from the community.

Extend your threat coverage with consolidated external data.

Incorporate all of the Community Intelligence to score in real time.

Leverage NetGuardians Community Scoring and Intelligence service
for actionable insights to expand your risk signals.


Data & Insights

Cleansed, consolidated, and contextualized information displayed through interactive dashboards.


Actionable intelligence

Combine community and external intelligence to extend your understanding and improve your risk decisions.


Community Scoring

Harness the power of shared intelligence to improve the effectiveness of your risk models.


Automatically receive details of confirmed frauds from the community

Live dashboards incorporating community data

Feed community data back into your models, in real-time

API-based risk scoring across multiple use cases


The NetGuardians’ Community Scoring & Intelligence allows us to share information about new modus operandi with NetGuardians. Together we try to find new ways to mitigate these new frauds and improve our risk-models.

It is important for us, that other community members can benefit in a trustworthy environment from frauds which we have encountered.

Romano Ramanti, Ethical Hacker at Zürcher Kantonalbank

The NetGuardians’ Community Scoring & Intelligence Service will help organizations better protect themselves from cybercrime and fraud. We are pleased to be involved in this global movement to stop the fraudsters and help financial institutions protect their customers.

Michael Fuchs, Senior Information & Cyber Security Consultant at SWITCH-CERT, a CSIS Partner

Banque Cantonale de Fribourg (BCF) significantly benefits from NetGuardians’ Community Scoring & Intelligence service since its implementation. Thanks to the power of NetGuardians’ shared intelligence, we enhanced the effectiveness of our defense strategy, allowing us to make more informed decisions. The ability to automatically integrate, capture and share insights from NetGuardians allows us to flag fraudulent counter-parties already identified by the community. At BCF, we believe sharing intelligence is the way to combat fraud. We highly recommend this service for any organization looking to improve its risk management strategy.

Anne Maillard, Board Member at Banque Cantonale de Fribourg

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