Get it on premise with predefined connectors

NetGuardians’ AI fraud prevention platform is packaged to easily fit into various banking architectures, with preset connectors for any core banking platform, database, operating system or network device used in banks.

Its API scoring module enables transaction blocking within the core banking, pre-defined interface with already available major core banking providers, or within the transaction processing system of the bank.

Some of our core banking partners

NetGuardians and Avaloq

Our fraud prevention platform is compatible with the Avaloq Banking Suite through the certified Avaloq Adapter. It plugs into the Avaloq payment workflow and provides real-time scoring of transactions using predefined AI risk models. Upon detecting a suspicious transaction, NetGuardians’ fraud scoring API blocks the transaction within the core banking system. A rigorous investigation is made possible through the graphical risk dashboard and forensics tools. If validated, the transaction can be released for normal processing.

NetGuardians and Finastra

NetGuardians offers “Fraud Prevention as a Feature” for Finastra products (Fusion Global PAYplus, Fusion Cash Management, Financial Messaging Service, Fusion Essence, etc.). This means Finastra clients can rapidly activate our pre-integrated fraud solution, go-live in weeks, and prevent fraud.

NetGuardians’ AI platform enables Finastra users to detect fraudulent transactions related to payments within the SWIFT network, digital banking, open banking, and internal fraud.

NetGuardians and Infosys Finacle

NetGuardians and Finacle partner to offer a joint solution that enables banks to counter financial frauds such as scams, cyber fraud, or fraud through social engineering. NetGuardians is part of Finacle’s FinTech Connect program, an ecosystem innovation initiative that brings together banks, FinTechs and Finacle.

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